www.hamerlegal.com We have a website!! But it’s on the dark web….


Week 3 Update
Hey! We just completed week 3 at Hamer Law Office. What a whirlwind! We used Quickbooks to process our first payroll and even had money left over! We’ve been very busy completing the new business stuff and doing some actual legal work, finally. We picked up several new cases, so we’re moving right along.

New Logo and Website!
The biggest news for this week is that we got a new logo AND A NEW WEBSITE!! We’re super excited about both. Brendon Cox of TriM Graphics, met with us, learned about the type of service I pride myself in offering, and suggested the compass. The compass is much more representative of what I do and who I am than something like a gavel or scales of justice which only pertains to the law. We view ourselves as guides to those who need help getting their lives pointed in the right direction after an injury or criminal charge. We couldn’t be more excited for the work Brendon did to come up with branding we can be proud of.

Hamer Law Office

Our website’s live!! It’s just buried on the dark web. Apparently the process to be indexed by Google and the other major search engines is really slow. So for now you’ll have to actually type the address into the address bar or click the link here: www.hamerlegal.com . My suggestion to new businesses is to make your web presence an EARLY priority. That and credit card applications. You’ll want a CC early to start tracking your expenses and paying for licenses and subscriptions. That took a couple weeks to accomplish. The website and Google indexing can take even longer, apparently.

Hamerlegal.com was created by our friends at MyCase legal case management software. Unlike many webdesigners, they only build legal websites and have actual attorneys on staff to help craft the page and create top-notch content. Best of all, it integrates 100% with our case management software. Clients will be able to set appointments, communicate via messaging, upload and download documents to and from a secure portal, and even receive SMS text messages reminding them of important court dates! The site also automatically re-aligns itself on smaller screens for easy mobile compatibility, be it phone, tablet, or notebook!

Thanks for reading. Please visit the new site, or come see us in person.

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