December 5, 2019


We wanted to thank everyone for all of your support. I’m going to (try to) do some blogging here to keep everyone up to date on how things are going, what we’re up to, and other noteworthy news in the legal and small business community. I don’t plan on filling people’s feeds with a bunch of standard advertisements. I’m really going to try to give people a glimpse into the ups and downs of small business entrepreneurship in a fun and interesting way.

I hope people will find this interesting and informative! I’d also love advice from business owners who’ve done blogging, vlogging, etc. before!

Post 1.

We are halfway through our 2nd week in business. We opened on a short week with the Thxgiving holiday turkey sandwiched right in there. We missed a key opportunity to save money right off the bat by paying full price for a coffee maker and missing a Black Friday opportunity at a half-price mini-fridge.

Speaking of giving thanks, we’re SUPER thankful for all of our business partners, supporters, friends, family, and CLIENTS most of all!

I’ll thank specific partners individually and with links and details in subsequent blogs.

For now, I’ll briefly go through some of the boxes we’ve already checked and a few pending.

1) We set up trust and operating accounts with Reliance Bank in Faribault. Applied for a credit line we hope to never use.

2) We found our new home at Jen Becker’s Thrivent office. What a wonderful job she’s done with the building! 1645 Lyndale Ave by Mike’s garage and Parker Kohl Funeral Home if you want to stop in. Call ahead if you want fresh-baked cookies (seriously). Move in time was only 1 day with help from great friends with trucks and strong backs.

3) Registered new case management software. Almost fully integrated!

4) Purchased a domain for like $10 on (Coming soon!)

5) Registered licenses with Microsoft 365. . Get the package with Office included and 2tera cloud storage for like $10/mo.

6) Ran a budget and connected accounts through Quick Books Online. Vital for small business owners. Track income and expenses, view accounts from 1 dashboard in real-time. Added payroll integration for easy payment of employees, taxes, and benefits.

7) Got phone and internet through Spectrum. Same number! 507-332-4001.

8) I’ve hung up 3 pieces of 2nd hand art and Sarah put up a bird feeder.

It’s been a whirlwind, but we’ve accomplished a bunch already! Still coming: logo, web page, sign out front, business cards…

I’ll keep posting and I urge you to follow and like. Opening my own practice has been challenging, but fun and entertaining too! If I can shorten the learning curve for others thinking of starting a business, I’d love to do so!

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